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Anti-Confederation Banner

Date: 1867

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 488.5

Telegram regarding Vote

Date: 18 September 1867

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum U563

Newspaper Advertisement, Bridgewater Bulletin re businesses in 1867

Date: 1911

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum Business Directory

Map of Bridgewater

Date: 1878

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 99.22

Bridgewater Board of Trade Minute Book

Date: 1899-1921

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 465

Construction of water pipes across LaHave River

Date: 1902

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 699.1

Water Rights Between Frederic Wile and Edward Waterman

Date: 1861

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 82.5.11

Court House on Pleasant Street

Date: [ca. 1930]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 699.6

Burning Bridgewater Fire of 1899

Date: 1899

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 88.14.6

Bridgewater Fire Department brigade, St. Andrew’s Street station

Date: [ca. 1822]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 82.1.2

Mayor Frank Davison

Date: 1899

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 89.8 c

Acadia Gas Engines Ltd. Workers

Date: 1921

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 97.2.1

Hanging out the wash

Date: 1920

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2013.15.8

Wile-Crouse Wedding Day

Date: 1909

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 92.16.49

E.D. Davison & Sons Lumber Manufacturers

Date: 1865

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 89.8

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