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Andrew Gow, Sr.

Date: [ca.1875]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2000.27.1

Bridgewater High School Teaching Staff

Date: 1920

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 88.24.2

Girl’s High School Basketball team

Date: 1930

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 98.2.3

Bridgewater Hawks Hockey Team

Date: [ca. 1945]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 96.63.3

Bridgewater Horse Racing Track

Date: [ca. 1940]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2004.44.1

Playing Tennis

Date: [ca. 1911]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 85.26.18

Boating on the LaHave River at Bridgewater

Date: 17 August 1917

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 96.21.11

Circus Parade along King Street

Date: 1924

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 84.51.5

Video Clip of Robbins Bros. Circus on Dufferin Street

Date: [ca. 1938]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum Courtesy of the NSA

Parade float on King Street

Date: [ca. 1910]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum U100

Water Carnival

Date: [ca. 1930]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 92.13.5

Curling at Bridgewater Rink

Date: [ca. 1915]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2006.4.1

Video Clip talking about Sledding

Reference: DesBrisay Video DesBrisay Museum 

South Shore Exhibition with Ferris Wheel

Date: 1926

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2002.7.1 E

First Dawson Memorial Hospital, Female Ward

Date: 1930

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 98.29

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