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Wile Carding Mill, Victoria Road

Date: [ca. 1870]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum U107.2

Veinot Carriage Factory, North King Street

Date: [ca. 1875]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 382

Waterman Tanning advertising tag

Date: [ca. 1871]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 82.5.10c

Robert Hunter foundry workers, Victoria Road

Date: 1875

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 675.1

Whitman Grist Mill, Victoria Road

Date: [ca. 1930]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 89.13x.5

Surveying for new iron bridge

Date: 1891

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum M.228

Mervin D. Knox’s Barbershop, Dufferin Street corner

Date: [ca. 1925]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 96.52

Taylor’s Drug store interior

Date: 1909

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 88.14.4

Soldiers in front of Drill Hall, Dufferin Street

Date: 1915

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 85.34.2

Letter from Ned Davison to Archie Davison

Date: April 1915

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2012.24.5

Judge Mather Byles DesBrisay

Date: [ca. 1890]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 89.13x.2

Robert Dawson, Jr., his wife Mary, and their son Robert

Date: [ca. 1900]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2005.33.1

Dean Wile and family

Date: 1893

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 2008.1

W.T. Ritcey with tuna

Date: 9 September 137

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 83.21.4

J.P. Miller house

Date: [ca.1900]

Reference:  DesBrisay Museum 362.1

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