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Our Father of Confederation

Date: 1867

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 99.61.23

Wasn’t That a Party

Date: 16 January 1877

Reference: Antigonish Highland Society fonds Antigonish Heritage Museum 

Rural Schools

Date: [ca. 1880]

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 2000.012.001

Getting There—In Search of a New Life

Date: 1882

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 2006.008.001

Voter’s List for 1886

Date: 1886

Reference: Alexander W MacDonald fonds Antigonish Heritage Museum 

Canada Milk Condensing Company

Date: 1896

Reference: Archibald Family fonds Antigonish Heritage Museum 2008.012.010

Antigonish Bicycle Club

Date: [ca. 1897]

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 1071

Children at Play

Date: 1897

Reference: History of the Town of Antigonish fonds Antigonish Heritage Museum 

Band of Hope

Date: 1898

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 98.52

Domestic Service

Date: 1906

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 2016.063.005

Girlfriends are Best Friends

Date: 1906

Reference: Sears Family fonds Antigonish Heritage Museum 

Approaching Antigonish

Date: [ca. 1900]

Reference: Stephen Melanson collection Antigonish Heritage Museum 

Court House

Date: 1908

Reference: Stephen Melanson collection And David MacDonald collection Antigonish Heritage Museum 

Cottage Hospital

Date: 1910

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 2003.141.001

Precious Memories

Date: 1915

Reference: Angus Tulloch MacDonald fonds Antigonish Heritage Museum 2015.025.001

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