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Band of Hope

Certificate denotes membership in the "Band of Hope" by Ethel McMillan, of Cape George, Antigonish County.

She signed this pledge document June 13th, 1898 at the age of 13 years. This document was passed to the Antigonish Heritage Museum by Donald Millar, son of Ethel McMillan.

During temperance times the Band of Hope was a movement urging the abstinence or reduction of alcohol consumption.

In September of 1889, a Band of Hope was started and supported by those persons interested in the temperance campaign. Weekly meetings were held and each individual present would swear a pledge similar to "I hereby solemnly promise and pledge myself to abstain from the use, purchase and sale of all intoxicating liquors, including wine, beer, and cider, as a beverage, from the use of tobacco in any form, and from all offences against religion and good morals."

Date: 1898

Reference:  Antigonish Heritage Museum 98.52

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