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Mius-d'Entremont Coat of Arms

Mius-d’Entremont Coat of Arms (in summary):
It is said that the manor-house of the lords of Pubnico before the Expulsion «bore the arms of the d’Entremont family». These arms of the Mius-d’Entremont family were designed in Acadia by the sons of Baron Philippe Mius d’Entremont. The helmet and the crown of barons, which title was granted to the family in 1653. Mius is the patronymic name of the family. The towers (its singular in French being La Tour, and madame d’Entremont was of the La Tour family). The Fleurs-de-Lys denote the French origin of the family. The leaves around it are those of the Laurel, which signifies Peace.

Reference:  Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos 1998.3-P3129

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