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Warships in Harbour, Halifax, N.S.

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In the 1860’s, Halifax was officially neutral during the American Civil War, but was still prospering from the transportation of sugar, fish, lumber and other goods from the blockaded South. Warships, like the CSS Tallahassee, could safely berth in the Harbour for coal and repairs, but had to sneak out under the cover of night to avoid the Union Navy.

British support of the American South angered the American government. In response, the British Royal Navy bolstered its warship defenses in Halifax. The Navy was integral for monitoring harbour traffic, protecting the ships which entered, and defending against any unwanted aggression.

The British Navy continued to patrol Canadian waters after Confederation, until Canada formed its own Naval Service in 1910.

Date: 1906

Reference: Halifax Public Libraries Postcard Collection Halifax Central Library HPL-PC-0450

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