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On September 29th, 1879 the Western Counties Railway between Yarmouth and Digby was complete. The railroad opened opportunities for Digby and its people. It also made trade, communication, and travel quicker and more convenient. It wasn’t until 1891; however, before Digby would be connected to Annapolis by railroad. Annapolis and Halifax had been linked since 1872, but cargo and travellers destined for Digby needed to disembark from the train and load onto a stage coach or steam ship in Annapolis. When the “Missing Link” was officially opened on July 9th, 1891, Yarmouth was connected uninterruptedly to Halifax via railway. Digby’s economy consequently benefitted and the citizens were connected to the rest of the province in a way they never had been before. During World War One and World War Two the train was important in transporting soldiers to and from Digby. Railway service stopped in 1994 when it was deemed no longer necessary.

Date: 1879

Reference:  Admiral Digby Museum p 738

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