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Throughout the years, Digby has had many newspapers, but none has existed as long as the Digby Weekly Courier. Richard S. McCormick published the first issue on September 18, 1874. James John “J. J.” Wallis, came to Digby as the Editor of the Digby Courier in 1918. Later, he organized the firm of Wallis Print with his son, James “Mac” Wallis. He afterward incorporated the firm and was Managing Editor of the Digby Courier and President of Wallis Print Limited. Edith Wallis, Mac’s wife became Associate Editor in 1949 after the death of her husband. Upon the death of her father in-law, J. J Wallis, in 1955 she became Editor. She and her two daughters owned the Courier until 1982 when they sold it and the building to publisher Roy Mailman of Bridgetown. The last edition of The Digby County Courier was published on Thursday, January 28, 2016. On Thursday, February 2, 2016 a new version of the local paper appeared as The Tri-County Vanguard serving Shelburne, Yarmouth and Digby Counties.

Date: 1874

Reference:  Admiral Digby Museum P22

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