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Nova Scotia Archives Coward Album, Bridgetown

Number 14, Number 15, Number 16, Number 17, Number 18, and Number 19

14: John Quirk

15: Mrs. Joseph Wheelock. His first wife, Mercy Whitman. Younger than I am now. (71, I am now, 1958) but looking so sad and old.

16: John Quirk house on Water St., extensively remodeled. Built 1822. Still standing. Poor picture.

17: The first house of Joseph Wheelock, built in 1824. Still standing. Windows were changed at some period.

18: Joseph Wheelock. A fierce old face!

19: The old Pineo-Crosskill store. Used by Joseph Wheelock. Built in the 1700's. Here used as a carriage factory. Gone now. (1958)

Reference: Coward family Nova Scotia Archives Album No. 24

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