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Minard’s Liniment

Minard’s Liniment was an elixir said to be the “finest product available to man or beast”. It was conceived by Dr. Levi Minard, who practiced medicine in Brooklyn, Hants County. This white ointment was used on every ache and pain the body had, including arthritis and bronchitis. For years, only Dr. Minard used the product on his patients, but in the 1870s, he sold the patent rights to Mr. W.J. Nelson who started a manufacturing plant in Bridgewater and who, in 1885, sold the product to C.C. Richards and Company in Yarmouth. For over 25 years this was a very successful business in Yarmouth.

Topic: Business

Date: 1885

Reference:  Yarmouth County Museum and Archives YMS-4-37

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