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Number 100, Number 101, and Number 102

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100: "Spring" tides from the Aboiteau Bridge about 1916. All the beautiful willows in the down were cut down after 1925. The line of the river can be seen in the distance.

101: House built by Capt. Crosskill in 1813. The the home of Thomas James, and after that of T.D. Ruggles. This was taken about 1889, when it was a Ruggles home. The only house I have seen with curved fronts forming a sort of bay window, except the "Grange", the home of Thomas Ritchie in Annapolis.

102: Flooded marshes from the Aboiteau Bridge, Bridgetown. Just the ordinary "spring" tides, about 1916. I took these pictures. The Aboiteau Creek is a sight now, dirty, neglected and unkempt.

Reference: Coward family Nova Scotia Archives Album No. 24

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