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Number 84, Number 85, and Number 86

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84: Granville St. from the head of Queen St. looking west in the 1940's. Royal Bank on left. On right - recently Molly Buckler's store - once J.I. Foster's.

85: Built by George Murdock - used to have offices upstairs. Now owned by Mr. Jasey. He lives upstairs. The Post Office was once in the left store. Next to Foster-Buckler Store.

86: This J.I. Foster store next to the Grand Central Hotel, was a very early store and used to go with the hotel. Michael Miller had it at one time. Also Thomas Foster. And Neal Morrison, a taylor. Called the Blue Store in those days. Here - very shabby and one realized how much better store windows look today. Until her retirement last year, it belonged to Molly Buckler, before her to a Mr. Gombos.

Reference: Coward family Nova Scotia Archives Album No. 24

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