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Ella Marguerite Letson, the daughter of Edgar and Lucretia (McLeod) Letson, was born 30 March 1887 at Port Medway, N.S. She was a schoolteacher, genealogist, and local historian. She retired in 1960 and lived in Port Medway until her death on 14 February 1985. Her history of Port Medway was published in 1985 under the title Port: A Short History of Port Medway, N.S.

This photograph album of prints held at the Nova Scotia Archives depicts buildings, houses, and properties in the village of Port Medway, Queens County, Nova Scotia. The album was assembled by Ms. E. M. Letson and donated to the Archives. Each photograph has a caption containing name of place depicted, ownership history, and some include genealogical information. Most photographs are exterior shots and can include outbuildings, barns, streetscapes, and landscapes; and one is of the interior of the Anglican "Church of the Holy Redeemer". Inside back cover of album contains a hand drawn map of Port Medway showing homeowners names.

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