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    Lieutenant Thomas H. Warde of the Naval College and Mrs. Warde (Mary Dorothy Lugar) and the Bridal party
    An additional 27,475 historical vital statistics are waiting for you on This year's update includes 1915 births, 1940 marriages and 1965 deaths. Happy searching!
    Joseph Darby's map of the Isle of Sable
    Fascinated by Sable Island? Explore 2600 digitized government records describing settlement of the Island, 1801-1867.
    Windsor Township, Hants County — 1838
    Census, assessment and poll tax lists compiled across a seventy-year period in colonial Nova Scotia, yielding a total of 70,000 named individuals.
    Princess Elizabeth presented with a bouquet
    Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday by looking back at five Royal Visits to Nova Scotia in the last six decades, captured in photographs, documents and tour memorabilia.

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Vital Statistics Annual Update: 1915 Births, 1940 Marriages, 1965 Deaths

Footprints in the Sand: Pre‐1867 Government Records for Sable Island

Sydenham Howe's Scrapbook: Joseph Howe and His World

Census Returns, Assessment and Poll Tax Records 1767-1838

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