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Vernon Edwin McKinley Liscomb, Guysborough County 1922-11-24 view birth record
Sophia Nora McKinley Liscomb, Guysborough County 1967-02-04 view death record
Stanley Ansel McKinley Little Liscomb, Guysborough County 1920-02-21 view birth record
Merrill Smith McKinley and Margaret Elizabeth Smith Sherbrooke, Guysborough County 1940-12-04 view marriage record
Arthur Harold McKinley Sherbrooke, Guysborough County 1973-02-01 view death record
Alick Fisher Grant and Bertha Florence McKinley Spanish Ship Bay, Guysborough County 1902-06-10 view marriage record
Lenora Gertrude McKinley Spanish Ship Bay, Guysborough County 1906-10-19 view birth record
Harry McKinley Spanish Ship Bay, Guysborough County 1909 view death record
 McKinley Spanish Ship Bay, Guysborough County 1918-04-20 view death record
 McKinley Spanish Ship Bay, Guysborough County 1918-04-20 view birth record
Burnham Edward Baker and Gertrude Lenora McKinley Spanish Ship Bay, Guysborough County 1945-12-22 view marriage record
John W. McKinley West Liscomb, Guysborough County 1912 view death record
Donald McKinley and Mary Craft Halifax County 1789-05-05 view marriage record
John Campbell and Mary McKinley Halifax County 1799-02-07 view marriage record
William Andrews Lang and Mary McKinley Halifax County 1806-12-10 view marriage record
Peter McKinley and Elizabeth Turple Halifax County 1813-12-22 view marriage record
Andrew Troop and Elizabeth McKinley Halifax County 1815-02-04 view marriage record
Robert McKinley and Sarahann Fulker Halifax County 1829-11-10 view marriage record
George McKinley and Margaret Dieder Halifax County 1833-08-10 view marriage record
Andrew McKinley and Margaret Alardyce Halifax County 1836-08-01 view marriage record
John McKinley and Sarah Kent Halifax County 1845-10-18 view marriage record
Mary B. McKinley Halifax County 1869 view birth record
James McKinley and Frederica Smith Halifax County 1903 view marriage record
Allen Walker Duffus and Edith Gwendolyn McKinley Halifax County 1907 view marriage record
William C. Horton and Nora McKinley Halifax County 1913 view marriage record
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