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Walter  McKinley Truro, Colchester County 1907-09-04 view birth record
Wilbert McKinley Truro, Colchester County 1928-11-07 view death record
LeMert Mitchell Bell and Helen Christine McKinley Truro, Colchester County 1939-06-03 view marriage record
Ronald Karl McKinley and Geneva Beryl Millerd Truro, Colchester County 1947-03-08 view marriage record
Emma Jane McKinley Truro, Colchester County 1947-10-20 view death record
Bessie Clara Mckinley Truro, Colchester County 1957-06-11 view death record
John Thomas Hutchinson and Mary Mabel McKinley Cumberland County 1915 view marriage record
Anthony John McKinley and Mary C. Chappell Cumberland County 1919 view marriage record
John McKinley and Ethel Dixon Cumberland County 1920 view marriage record
Victor Morrice McKinley Amherst, Cumberland County 1906-03-22 view birth record
Robert McKinley Amherst, Cumberland County 1952-10-25 view death record
Eva McKinley Amherst, Cumberland County 1971-08-29 view death record
Harley Calvin McKinley Apple River, Cumberland County 1894-03-21 view birth record
Claude Fletcher McKinley Apple River , Cumberland County 1896-02-29 view birth record
Susan Mary McKinley River Philip, Cumberland County 1871 view birth record
Marian Alberta McKinley River Philip, Cumberland County 1872 view birth record
Alonzo McKinley River Philip, Cumberland County 1874 view birth record
Florence Mabel McKinley River Philip, Cumberland County 1876 view birth record
John H. McKinley and Maud E. Smith Guysborough County 1901 view marriage record
Arthur Harold McKinley and Lily Myers Mailman Guysborough County 1918 view marriage record
Eldridge Bezanson and Drucilla McKinley Guysborough County 1930 view marriage record
Levi McKinley Guysborough, Guysborough County 1917 view death record
George McKinley Guysborough, Guysborough County 1917 view death record
Aaron McKinley Liscomb, Guysborough County 1876 view death record
Annie McKinley Liscomb, Guysborough County 1909 view death record
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