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Ruby Esther McKinley Antigonish, Antigonish County 1922-05-24 view birth record
Lawrence Patrick Jarvis and Dorothy May McKinley Tracadie, Antigonish County 1948-10-20 view marriage record
William MacKinnon and Bessie McKinley Cape Breton County 1926 view marriage record
Gordon William McKinley and Jean Blakeney Reserve Mines, Cape Breton County 1924-10-10 view marriage record
Gordon William McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1906-09-20 view birth record
James McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1916 view death record
William McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1916-08-04 view birth record
Peter McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1920-07-01 view birth record
Henry Hamilton McKinley and Jeanette McLeod Sydney, Cape Breton County 1925-09-24 view marriage record
Henry A. McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1930-09-01 view death record
Violet E. McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1933-07-29 view death record
James Robert McKinley and Anna Josephine McNeil Sydney, Cape Breton County 1938-01-20 view marriage record
Peter McKinley and Catherine Olive Roden Sydney, Cape Breton County 1941-10-31 view marriage record
Anna Marie McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1942-05-05 view death record
Harold Fillmore and Muriel McKinley Sydney, Cape Breton County 1948-04-16 view marriage record
Joseph Davison and Rebecca McKinley Colchester County 1898 view marriage record
David W. Freeman and Oressa McKinley Colchester County 1905 view marriage record
David A. McKinley and Bernice E. Fisher Colchester County 1908 view marriage record
Clarence Putnam McKinley Lower Onslow, Colchester County 1896-02-12 view birth record
Elizabeth McKinley Lower Onslow, Colchester County 1917-11-23 view death record
Samuel McKinley Lower Onslow, Colchester County 1918-10-01 view death record
Clara M. McKinley Mass Town, Colchester County 1875 view birth record
L Charlotte McKinley Masstown, Colchester County 1858-10-22 view birth record
Hannah Orrissa McKinley Onslow, Colchester County 1871 view birth record
Carl Martin McKinley Onslow, Colchester County 1948-12-22 view death record
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