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Donating to the Archives

Donating to the Archives

In addition to being the permanent repository for the archival records of the Government of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Archives is also mandated to acquire, preserve, and make available for research provincially significant archival records from the private sector.

Private sector archival records are those records created in the course of the daily life of a person, a business or an organization and accumulated over time. Some typical types of archival records are letters, diaries or photographs from individuals or families; meeting minutes of organizations; ledgers or account books from businesses. These records contain evidence of activities, decisions made, and people’s reactions to events; all of which offers valuable information for researchers seeking a clearer understanding of the past.

At the Nova Scotia Archives, the Private Sector Archivist works with potential donors to determine which records are of enduring value to researchers and fit the Nova Scotia Archives’ mandate. After donation, the records acquired are arranged and described according to archival standards. They are re-housed in archival quality containers and stored in secure, environmentally controlled vaults to ensure their long term preservation; and they are made available for research onsite at the Nova Scotia Archives. Sometimes they are digitized and made available online on the Nova Scotia Archives’ website as well.

If you are interested in potentially donating to the Nova Scotia Archives you can contact us to begin the conversation; please complete and submit the donation inquiry form below:


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