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cooking : Currant Muffins

Currant Muffins

cooking : 201313586

cooking : Pea Soup

Pea Soup

cooking : 201313589

easson : A Map of the Island of Jamaica

A Map of the Island of Jamaica

easson : 200603441

easson : Old Fort near Annapolis Royal

Old Fort near Annapolis Royal

easson : 200603443

easson : Block House, Fort Halifax, 1755

Block House, Fort Halifax, 1755

easson : 200603450

eastcoastport : Nova Scotian Hotel

Nova Scotian Hotel

eastcoastport : 200904825

eastcoastport : YWCA Barrington Street

YWCA Barrington Street

eastcoastport : 200903448

gaelic : Mac-Talla</i> (The Echo)

Mac-Talla (The Echo)

gaelic : 200501256

gaelic : Mosgladh</i>


gaelic : 200501248

gaelic : An Solus Iuil</i> (The Beacon)

An Solus Iuil (The Beacon)

gaelic : 200501221

habitation : Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain

habitation : 200502600

lunenburg : Johann Peter Zwicter Zwicker]….

Johann Peter Zwicter Zwicker]….

lunenburg : 200300156

lunenburg : John Henry Kaulbach

John Henry Kaulbach

lunenburg : 200300147

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