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Margaret Perry: A Life in Film

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Margaret Perry: A Life in Film provides a comprehensive overview of the life and work of an exceptional Nova Scotian film maker. While these films can certainly be enjoyed for pure entertainment value, they also present an opportunity for further study.

The digitization of these films grew out of collaborative Archive / CounterArchive project. As part of the Education & Counter-Pedagogies component of this project, our partners at York University, Chloe Brushwood Rose and Axelle Demus, have produced materials to support use of these films in educational settings, which we are happy to make available through our website.

Users are invited explore the history of Nova Scotia’s tourism and film industries, technological advancements in the film industry, and the cultural and geographic changes to the province itself.

Appropriate for a variety of ages and grade levels, students and educators can explore Perry’s life and work through a variety of study guides:



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