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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 91

rents. In regard to the difficulty of exchanging a turkey for four capons, "yt is judged no Equivalent because a Capon was always deemed more valuable than a hen, and you know yourself the Difference thereof."
Wm Shirreff Secy.

NOTE: French translation of foregoing follows [132 f.]

Representation to the State of the Province in Case of War with France. [133

Duty of Gov. and Council in view of posture of affairs in Europe, to represent the defenceless state of N. S. The long continued fortifications at Louisbourg, St. Peter's and the Island of St. John's, enable them to send out privateers at their pleasure, cut off our supplies and destroy our fishing vessels. By the influence of their emissaries, the French in N. S. think they are only neutrals, and are ready to join those of C. B. and Canada against G. B. Some of these attacks cannot be repelled, as there are no vessels of force to check the insolence of their privateers; and no proper authority to punish treachery in the King's French subjects.

July 13.

Canso, just at the doors of the Cape Breton French, and coveted by them, is most advantageously situated for the whale and cod fishery, and has recently made a considerable figure in these two great branches of trade. It lies naked and defenceless, without so much as barracks to lodge the four companies of Co!. Philipps's regiment stationed there for its defence, or store houses, except hasty slight erections put up from time to time by the commanders, assisted by the fishermen. If taken by the French, the loss would affect not only N. S. but New England, New York and the other plantation; for British subjects resort thither from all parts. As it is the only place in the province that can be said to have been frequented all along by British subjects, its loss would very much affect the traders, and strengthen the French, and enable them to do more damage along the coast with their privateers.

1 Memo below signature: " Sent by Honore Prince & Char.s Giroar."


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