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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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and Suiteable Comportment, and to make as prudent a Choice as possible, it being as much for their own Interest and Credit as that of the Province, to employ honest Discreet understanding men, Especially in Such a publick Office." On visiting A. after the election both they and de la G. will meet with a kind reception.
Wm Shirreff Secy. L. Armstrong
Nov. 10.

Armstrong to Board of Trade. [130

Merely an enclosure with the case of Alexr Le Borgne Sr. De Bellisle, drawn up in accordance with the B. of T.'s instructions, touching the pretensions of the seigneurs. Has "nothing as yet from any of the Rest"; but will forward it as soon as received. "This Alexr is the son of Mary the Daughter of Seignr James Latour (alias St. Estien) by Madam Daunay; She after ye reduction of this Province Retired to Canada for about three Years and then returned"; B. of T. can always refer to A.'s previous account of the seigneurs, which A. has not yet found to be contradicted by any here. Leaves it to judgment of B. of T. whether those who remained and are now present have any claim to the "shares of those who departed."
Wm Shirreff Secy. L. Armstrong
Jan. 5.

Shirreff to John Duon.

Received D.'s by John Prince's son: laid before the Govr, whose answer is as follows: He is surprised at the inhabitants making so many frivolous excuses and difficulties, where none exist. It is as easy for them to bring their rents on horseback as it is to ride daily hither. If the debts were due the Govr, he might be lenient; but as they are due the King, his master, he must insist on payments. For their own sake, they are ordered to comply. On Monday morning next at 10 of the clock, he intends to " fire three Guns with a. whift in the flagg for a signall to Speak with you": and also on Tuesday: when he expects the inhabitants to come with their


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