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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 9

C. is to assure the inhabitants of Minas that justice will be done them; they may dispose of their wheat as they please when the garrison is first supplied. People of the river may have it brought, or may send for it. Let the Indians know that they will be taken care of, and what we have done with the Eastern Indians. Sir Chas. Hobby has gone to G. B. Hopes C. has sent a full and just account of his affairs home by him. Still hopes that officers will send deputation home to represent their case. Nettmaker writes and sends acct. of clothing. Hopes C. will dispose of some of it to the inhabitants and Indians. Trade with the latter to be regulated in the best interests of the Queen and the garrison. Hopes to have an acct. from C. of the :French govt. in Cape Breton. N. expects to hear from Lt.-Col. Moody at Placentia, who took possession about the 11th of May. N. Sends the public news; C. is to make it as public as possible. N. expects daily a ship from London with continuance of good news. C. not to be uneasy about Vetch commanding the garrison after C. had his commission. N. will adjust the affairs with him. Encloses Borland's account and Capoon's. Sent by Capt. Alden, who has called for N'.s letters, so cannot write to him (Capoon?) or Newton, but will do so by Walters, who sails on Monday.
Fr. Nicolson.

P. S. "You Must have a Watchfull Eye over Captt Alden and his Brother, bouth in respect to Coll. vetchs Mr Borlands and theire own accts.”1

Nettmaker to Caulfeild.

Acknowledges receipt of C.'s letter of May 27; complains of daily increase of warehouse rent in B. In his and Nicholson's opinion, the clothing will be better in storehouses or storeships. Remainder of clothing, especially linen and shoes to be shipped on sloop "Four Friends," (William Walters, master) by Nicholson's direction and consigned to C. in Annapolis. Vouchers, etc., sent and to be kept until Nettmaker's arrival. Ships also two casks of tomahawks, all that are in

1. Note states that duplicate of same tenor and date was sent by Capt Wm Walters; dated July 3, 1714.

July 3.


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