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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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King's interests. Hopes B. will prevail upon the Assembly to prefer the peace and prosperity of both governments to present expense and difficulty. A. will send a detachment to protect house and goods: thinks no succeeding governor will alter the footing until the enterprise is able to take care of itself: and that, once built, the king will reimburse the Massachusetts people: the expense cannot be great, if detachment is sent from Annapolis.
Wm Shirreff Secy. L. Armstrong
Dec. 13.

Armstrong to the Annapolis Deputies. [121

In answer to petition, presented on Saturday 9th inst. O. S. and dated Dec. 8th, N. S. asking that the priest be allowed to exercise his functions one half the time up the river, or that the church be removed to the middle of the parish for the convenience of the old people and children. With petition, they presented a copy of an instrument issued by Philipps, dated Dec. 14, 1729. Both have been laid before Council and fully considered. Nothing in Philipps' instrument but a promise to observe Art. 14 of the Treaty of Utrecht, i. e. not to interfere with them in the practice of their religion.

As there is only one congregational church to each parish in G. B., how can they expect more? A. will not alter or innovate. Besides "your former Priests, Charlomain and one ffelix at mines & Several of the people," contrived a massacre of British subjects by the Indians: "and there are none of you but knows how Barbarously Some of his Majestys Subjects were Murder'd and wounded by these Infatuated unthinking people"; these "Actions being ffresh in Every Childs memory." As A. found the church built where it is by the French themselves, he will not permit it to be removed until he has orders from G. B.; nor can the priest's place of residence be altered until then. They would need a particular church or priest for each district. If those up the river have a church to themselves, those down the river will demand one also.
Wm Shirreff Secy. L. Armstrong


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