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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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laws &c. are made in this province that Do or may affect the trade and Navigation of Great Britain In answer to a letter from" the Board of Trade. No manufactories or laws pertaining to them. Very little trade: all done by four or five coasters from Boston which supply the French with European and West India goods and take away grain, a few fish, but chiefly furs. At Canso chief interest the fishery. Carried on by British subjects from N. England and other adjacent provinces and by them and other Sack (sic) ships exported to market: there purchased by bills of exchange and such merchandise as the ships import for supplying the fishermen. More particular account may be had from the Collector at Canso. What may in time affect the trade &c. of G. B. is the great extent and commodious situation of the province, stretching almost 400 leagues from St. George's River on E. coast of N. England to Cape de Rosier at the mouth of the river St. Lawrence; with two large bays, Bay of Fundy and Bay of Chaleur. Bay of Fundy runs from Cape Sables (sic) to "Mont Desert" computed to be about 50 leagues; from Mont Desert N. E. to a high island called the Isle of Holt, 50 leagues; divides here into two branches, one stretching E. 20 leagues to Minas and Cobequid, the other N. to "Chickenectua and a place called Chippody, about the Same Distance. " Large navigable rivers, well stored with timber, to the N. & W. From Cape Sables to Canso; about 100 leagues; four large harbors, "Port Rosway, Lahave, Chickbuctua and Canso" besides many smaller ones, and many islands capable of improvement and particularly adapted for curing fish. Coast from Canso to Cape de Rosier, not so well known to us. French say Bay of Chaleur about as large as Fundy running N. W. "Furthermore We take liberty to Represent to your Honour, that We have Been Informed that Ever Since the ffrench were drove out of Canso by Captain Smart, Commanding of his Majestys Ship the1      . They have settled a Great ffishery at Cape Gaspy in his Majestys Dominions, Where they have Been unmolested for these Several years past; and if they are Not Speedily Drove from thence, they

1. Blank left in original.


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