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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Minas for the garrison, and copy of letter written to Govr. of Canada on behalf of Jno. Adams. Trading at Beaubassin, hIs vessel was seized by French Indians, while the in- habitants were planting their corn. Priest of Beaubassin in- forms C. that except for the interference of the inhabitants and local Indians, the vessel would have been burnt and the cargo carried off. Adams's loss computed to be about £70. Has used all arguments to induce the officers to send deputation home to look after the affairs, but find them “not Inclinable."
Tho: Caulfeild.

P. S. Contagious distemper among the French. Garrison will be in a miserable state if it reaches them, "being intierly uprovided with any maner of Medecines."
Per John and Willm. Alden,
July 3.

Nicholson to Caulfeild. [12

Detained in Boston by the Queen's service: but he and Govr. Dudley intend to be at Piscataqua on the 21st, to meet the Eastern Indians; expect to reach Annapolis by end of July or beginning of August. Encloses three bills of lading for molasses and pork. That shipped by Borland included in his last acct.: that shipped per Jno. Alden and Wm. Walters is from Andrew and Jonathan Belcher: their account of foregoing and letter also enclosed. Pork and molasses scarce; prices likely to rise. C. to pursue same method with these as before, and must secure enough wheat to supply the whole garrison until the new wheat is ready. In B. wheat is scarce and dear. Then C. may let Alden and Walters bring what they have: must agree with them as to price at so much per bushel N. England currency at 60 per cent. advance and may draw bills at 30 days for said sum upon Francis Lynn, agent. Account of wheat, price of it, and statement for what service must accompany bills. Repairs to the fortifications to be considered by council of officers with engineer and storekeeper: best and cheapest bargain must be made for what is absolutely necessary. As to his own affair, C. is to rest easy; justice will be done him. C.'s method of obtaining firing approved.


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