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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 73

been foreseen. Warlike stores (as can be spared) sent with engineer's report. Fishermen ought to help A. to strengthen his fort. Account of arms, &c, lent from this magazine to the fishermen must be obtained from them. Five months' provision on new allowance.1 No pease left, but A. can borrow from any sloop. Flour sent instead of bread, but as A. has a good baker and an oven, he can shift as well as P. Refuses to deduct from company's account cost of provisions damaged by wreck at Grand Manan, as they were made good at the time. Expects to be in Canso in six weeks at farthest; Capt. Durell expected daily, to call for him. Will bring sloop building in Boston with him. Vexed that the clothing has not arrived, except shoes, stockings and shirts, which are forwarded at once by Boudre. Laying out of the beaches &c. at Canso, to be only conditional, and subject to P.'s approval. Surprised that A. has applied for leave, and not apprised him of the fact. This "is like the rest of the regard you have shewne me in severall Instances, however as I do not heare your health is in any danger, hope you will desire a Reliefe before you stir."
R. Philipps

P. S. Bombardier sent to take over all military stores. A. should have returned the 50 firelocks he reports out of order, to be refitted here. A register of all vessels should be kept with tonnage, catch of fish, where they belong and for what market. All vessels should be regularly entered and cleared to prevent illicit trade. Masters of vessels to be called together and their opinions obtained.

Savage to John Cawley. [75

In regard to a cable and anchor hired by Peter Boudre of the sloop "Charlemont" from the sloop "John." Cawley may expect B. at Canso in six weeks' time.
Ar Savage.

1. "To each man per week bread 7 pd. Beaf 7 lb. or Pork 4 lb. pease 3 pints. butter 6 ounces or cheese one lb. flowre one lb, or rice half a lb,"


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