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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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sloop provided for province. Western boundary of this province not at St. Croix river but to the Kennebec or Penobscot, as shown by Southack's map and the preamble to all Subercase's passports.
R. Philipps
March 4.

Philipps to William Winniett.1 [70

Inhabitants of Minas coming to reason, as well they might, in view of the privileges they enjoy. Try to make the savages bear the blame of their own wicked acts. Winniett to make known the literal contents of following paper.
R. Philipps

Statement to People of Minas. [71

Committee of the Council could not accept the old frivolous excuse for outrage at Minas (fear of the Indians). Because: 1) their letter of excuse could not be considered as satisfaction, as the Indians rarely if ever commit depredations except at French instigation: 2) instead of the proper deputies, a poor man came with a frivolous letter, and left it in a strange manner, together with an insolent letter signed by two or three Indians but dictated by the French; 3) and because restitution has not been made to Alden for his losses. The people of Minas are expected to sign a paper acknowledging their guilt, and giving assurances of good conduct in the future. Document to be transmitted to the Governor by the deputies and Father Felix. P. S. As some deputies are said to have left the province, the inhabitants may choose others in their place.
April 4.

Philipps to Armstrong. [72

A.'s letter to hand by Boudre in the "Charlemont." Assembly of Indians at Antigonish, the usual Easter meeting. Need not fear attack from them. The "Adams" loading with provisions for you when Boudre arrived; but this could not have

1. In French, translated, A. A. 59.
2. Dated as letter to Winniet at beginning, but with no address: with note, "under the above letter was wrote vizt" In margin, "Examination of two Messengers from Menis." In :French, translated, A. A., 60


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