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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 7

are given. Letter from priest at Minas, and Indian chief enclosed, showing their opinions. French complain that they are not allowed to go to Minas with their vessels for corn for their families and fisheries. Has lent several of the poor corn, as they have sown what they had, More land reported sown this year at Minas and here than ever before. The information that Vetch commanded here after Caulfeild arrived is false: the only compliment C, paid him being the parole and a guard: C. took the affairs of the province into his hands at once. Begs N. to advise him of insinuations against his (C.'s) character proceeding from Annapolis. Obliged to issue the bills by the absolute necessity of the garrison; has kept strict account of the numbers, species, etc., of them. Firing for the garrison has been well managed: only 28 cords per week consumed for the six months winter, instead of 60. Each capt, and company have been provided with a boat to get their wood in, the season now permitting it, Has secured all the letters sent by Vetch, but cannot find that he has written for certificates. Nothing shall make him believe anything in regard to N.'s intentions, except N.'s own statements, Has allowed no more sutlers in this town and garrison. Encloses statement of Geo. Vane's behavior towards C, Sends papers by Sir Chas. Hobby. Survey of provisions supplied by Belcher, by captains and Hutchisson for two serving-days enclosed; ordered similar survey of provisions supplied by Borland: no return of latter being made, required Jno. and Wm. Alden to examine and report on them; copy of report enclosed. Capoon ordered to issue them regularly. Has received the £600: his accts. will bear the strictest examination. Hutchisson's survey of the garrison enclosed; but hall not been able to obtain survey of stores, although ordered. Wm. Clear is. made gunner and has had clothing·delivered to him. Has written Nettmaker in regard to the clothing; none issued as yet. Returns N.'s estimates for the garrison with mistakes noted: "as allsoe to informe you how the Garrison hath been victualed one man each Serving day, and to Shew you the price of ye bread by ye best Calculation I Could make of itt”. Encloses Alden's representation regarding wheat he bought at


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