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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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mission granted, as Philipps does not doubt de Brouillan's advice will tend to preserve the peace.
R. Philipps
May 26.

Philipps to Craggs. [18

Arrived here in the middle of April after wintering at Boston. Garrison found in good condition except a few old men; but fortifications bad. Several practicable breaches which ten men might enter abreast. Visited three days after arrival by priest at head of one hundred and fifty men. Made him read proclamation. Priest stated that in Gen. Nicholson's time the people had agreed to remain subjects of France and retire to Cape Breton; they also feared the Indians. They can march off at their leisure, as the garrison is too weak to prevent them. Next day sent proclamation to priest to read to his congregation. Prompt answer returned. King's Council chosen, which ordered six deputies to be chosen to represent the inhabitants. Priest went to Minas the same night that he sent the letter. Two of the six deputies rejected as having no effects or possessions to lose. Inhabitants refused to alter their choice, and wished to send two of their number to C. B. for advice. Permission granted. Intrigues with the Indians. Chief of the River Indians (a small tribe) has come in, and been satisfied with Philipps' replies to his questions. Has not sent for other chiefs, as presents have not arrived. Inhabitants clearing a road to Minas, in order to retreat thither. Forbidden to do so. Deputies returned from Minas. Council resolved to send them away with smooth words, in order to gain time, and obtain instructions from England. Situation difficult. People cannot be made English, and will not remain quiet if the peace is broken. Believe only their priests, who are opposed to the Regent: danger also from the Indians. Two hundred Mohocks should be brought from New York to operate against them. Land at Minas very productive; but may be drowned by cutting dykes. Advises bringing in settlers from Newfoundland, and has sent invitations to this effect by

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