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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Hopes that satisfaction will be given, and promises to prevent; similar outrages on his side.1
Tho Caulfeid.
May 27.

Caulfeild to Nettmaker [8

Acknowledges receipt of clothing per" Sea-flower," (Slocumb, master); has stored it with rest of stores formerly sent by N. Will issue them to troops as needed or dispose of them to the French inhabitants if possible, but the goods are not suitable, will be of little use in purchasing grain, etc. C. has learned that the same stores are sold at a cheaper rate at Boston (N. E. currency) than their first cost sterling, as per account enclosed, Always has a reasonable advance in order to make good such supplies as are "damnified." Has taken receipts for all such stores as are delivered to captains for their companies, or to " Gentellmen here in Garrison" to be accountable for the same at such price as shall be set by “his Excellency or YrSelfe." "A great many of each Species damnified particularly ye Sargants and Centinells Stockings which are Rotten and vseless," as seen by enclosed acct.
Tho Caulfeid.

Caulfeild to Nicholson. [9

Acknowledges receipt of letter of Ap. 6, per Capt. John Alden, also N.'s of the 22nd by Sir Chas. Hobby, Has had provisions surveyed; and ordered an officer from each company to be present each serving-day. Has told Hutchisson to take up provisions for the gunners and matrosses as the troops do: and not to furnish them with clothing or advance money on their pay without orders. Encloses Capoon's account of provisions in store. Has given Hibbert Newton all assistance in regard to the seizures here. Has received Govr. Dudley's proclamation regarding the Indian trade. Cannot hear of any furs, etc" being brought to Annapolis this winter. Will use all zeal in promoting this trade, if only definite instructions

1. Below is the note, .”Sent by an Indian To Monsr. Marque De Vouttierel Govr. of Canada."


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