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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 5

receipt for £600, "Boston money" with list of numbers, for purchase of flour and pease among the French. Must proportion the bread to the meat and keep an exact account of what the Commissary receives and gives out. Issues must be made in the presence of an officer 01' two appointed by Caulfeild. Remainder of £600 may be spent for the good of the garrison; but an exact account must be kept. Has discussed the bills, the affairs of the garrison, particularly Co!. Vetch's, with Sir Chas. Hobby, and given him copies of many papers. Hobby wishes information from Caulfeild about V.'s debts. C. is to assist in all lawful ways. Hopes that the stores have been inspected by Hutchisson and Vane j and also the fort. Copy of Wm. Clear's petition enclosed; if true, he is to be restored to gunner's place, one of the N. England gunners reduced to a matross, and the youngest of them broke. N. has let Clear have 44 sh. "Boston money" and clothing. If reinstated, he is to have clothing from stores. Jno. Nettmaker writes by this conveyance and sends acct. of clothing on Sir Chas. Hobby's sloop. Nicholson will consent to their sending officers to Gt. Britain on the affairs of the garrison. Hopes that C. and the soldiers will be easy until the affairs are settled. H. M. S. Phœnix arrived two days ago. N. hopes to go to Annapolis in her within a month.
ffr. Nicholson.

P. S. Enclosure (7) account of how N. has procured the £600 with his bond for the same.
per Slocomb.

Caulfeild to Vaudreuil. [8

Breach of the treaty of peace and commerce committed by Indians under French government upon a British trading vessel at Beaubassin. Enclosed letter from Père Felix, giving the Indians' excuse, i. e., that they did not know that the treaty was concluded between the two crowns, or that they were included in it. The Indians come from Richibucto, Enclosed John Adams' account of the goods taken from him.

May 7.


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