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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 47

wanting on yt head." M. is hereby ordered home; and will reply to C. as soon as possible that his (M.'s) answer may be transmitted to the Secretary of War. Encloses paragraph from S. of W.'s letter, and C.'s answer to it.

Extract from S. of W.'s letter:--His majesty being informed that Mr. Manby who was sent out as Deputy Judge Advocate has received no payout of the credits arising by the exchange of the pay of the garrison, which was judged sufficient to meet this and other charges not provided for by the establishment, C. is required to give reasons why the intended fund is deficient, and in case he thinks they are such as will justify the non-payment of so small a charge as the pay of a Deputy Judge Advocate, C. is to order M. home.

C.'s answer to above: Difficulties of garrison due to confused state of things at home, which has so lessened the exchange of public and private bills, that we have been frequently obliged to dispose of them at much less than par, to support ourselves and the troops, "whose provisions hitherto amounts to considerably More then there pay." Therefore they do feel justified in not paying Manby and the other charges, until their credit is better and exchange higher than at present "by a more punctuall complyance with or Bills at home."

Caulfeild to Board of Ordnance. [85

Acknowledges receipt of theirs of Feb. 27, 1715: thanks them for their "ready compliance" in the matter of Skene. As C. cannot be repaid for provisions supplied to the people of the Train, amounting to £79. 4s. 4d. stg. besides what was supplied of the British provisions, as per. acct. transmitted, C. prays that it may be "stopt from their grocery (?) subsistance" and paid to Jno. Mulcaster, the garrison's agent who has all the accts.
T : C

Dec. 24.


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