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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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to be gone: will do so by very first opportunity; and also duplicates of accts. from Oct. 24 to Dec. 24, 1716. Transmits accounts of all moneys spent and received, signed by captains of their respective companies. Will take care to transmit muster-rolls with as much strictness and exactness as opportunity offers.

Capt. Lawrence Armstrong and Ensign Tho. Button have been absent from garrison, on leave since Nov. 5, 1715, "and that by a furlow from my Selfe," dated June 8, 1715. Francis Spellman, fort-major allowed six mos. leave to go home, on his private affairs. Manby also had four mos. leave for the same reason, to go to Boston (N. E.) from May 10, 1716. C. has extended his leave, (at M.'s request) three mos. Neither have returned. C. has ordered Manby and Capon both home.

Has informed Ens. Erskine and the rest how their case has been decided, and they take rank accordingly. C. has always followed Nicholson's rules and orders: if any further instructions are judged necessary, he will inform the S. of W.: has received the Acts of Parliament, Articles of War and the other instructions.
T.—— C

P. S. Shirreff, present commissary, having represented that there was a wastage every day in issuing each species. C. ordered a survey; account of which is enclosed signed by the surveyors. C. wishes instructions on this head.
Dec. 24.

Caulfeild to Manby. [84

Acknowledges receipt of M.'s dated Nov. 2, 1716. Sorry for the time lost in this unfortunate place, of which no one has more reason to complain than C. Would like to assist M. but prevented by the strictness of his instructions: must return M. home "Dr. for what you are charged, and my opinion of the reasonableness of it being allowed you by ye Governmtt for yr Services to the Garrison Shall not be

1. Direction reads "To Mr. Manby deputy Judge advocate v. -- by ye Sloop Caulfield.'


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