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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  42  Nova Scotia Archives.

Caulfeild to Tayler.

To inform T of "the many dangers Wee lye under Occasioned by ye desertion of our Men in such Numbers as will in a very little time Oblige Us to be subject to most Emminent Dangers." Requests T. to send the ship of Wart "that Attends Your Coast to make a small Cruise towards Le Have." Deserters said to be among the fishermen: their apprehension will not only prevent future desertions, but put a stop to those going on. Hopes T. will order the fishermen not to harbor the deserters: "if not prevented may Occasion ye Desolution of this Place." Shirreff, the bearer of this, will inform T. that Ensign Prendergast or a sergeant who knows the men will embark on the man-of-war. Promises to reciprocate when service is needed.

Caulfeild to Clark. [76

Hopes his last of June 12 has reached Clark: acknowledges receipt of Clark's of June 11. According to Clark's request, has communicated latter's letter to the officers of the garrison, who "seem to be very sensible of ye Ill treatmt in ye. non Paymt of Your Bills", and urged Caulfeild to "imforme You not to Send any farther Supply of Provisions untill You heard from me by wch. Opportunity as the Troubles are now at an End there," their drafts will be more readily honored. Hopes matters will be arranged to the satisfaction of both parties; has often urged Clark's services upon the authorities.· Secretary of State has given assurance that Caulfeild's bills in Clark's favor “should be Answered"

Caulfeild to Clark.2 [77

Would have written fully and sent bills for the molasses, but the sloop conveying this is going along the eastern coast, and will be late; thought it better to wait for a more favorable opportunity.

1. Direction reads “To Colonel Tayler Boston"
2. The rebellion of 1715.
3. No direction: assigned only on internal evidence.


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