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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 39

ship of war: they continue raising fortifications at St. Peter's and St. Ann's. The island of St. John's, which the French of this colony seemed to like, in case they were obliged to quit the country, "is intirely abandoned" by those who went out of this government. People of Minas have written C. of their intention to remain in the province, and are making all preparations for improvement as formerly; they seem impatient to hear what has been decided in regard to them, No courts of judicature here: C. tried to arrange matters to suit both parties, but Nicholson asked to see the commission that authorized him to do justice in civil affairs: "to wch I answered that as I had ye Honour to Command in ye absence of ye Governor I Should allways endeavour to Cultivate as good an Understanding amongst ye. People as possible believeing the same Essential for his Majties Service, and tho' I no Comn for that Effect yett I held myselfe blamable to Suffer Injustice to be done before Me without taking Notice thereof, haveing Never Interposed farther than by ye Consent of both Partyes." Wishes instructions "on that head." Encloses copy of his last letter to the Board of Ordnance, showing need of bedding: never had any supplied since their arrival, nearly five years ago. No clothing in store but coats: rotten and dear, the men refuse them (hopes Shirreff has fully acquainted the Board with this): few soldiers able to mount guard with either·shoes, stockings or shirts. Recommends surgeon ‘Skene' for his diligence and behavior; transmits S.'s memorial.
Tho : C,

Caulfeild to Wm Poulteney, Sect'y. of War. [71

Garrison gives P. "Infinite thanks" for his "Kind interposition in our favour to Mr. Lynn and Gordon." Repeats complaints as to pay, bedding and clothing: as to first, they have never had any acct. from the agent; as to the second, none bas been supplied for five years; as to the third, they have nothing in store but coats, so rotten and dear that the

May 16.


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