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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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NOTE: Below [66] is a memo. of the memorial sent to Stanhope by the Lt. Govr, and Officers to inform him that they could not obtain accounts from the agents and therefore could not pay their men "who are very uneasy on that head;" and praying that the agents be "ordered to Settle those Affairs."
May 16.

Caulfeild to Stanhope.1 [67

Refers to his last of Dec. 14. Writes to inform S. of his grievances. Though C. has written many times to Lynn and Gordon to settle, they always evade payment, pretending that Nicholson is the person they must deal with. N. took the accts, with him "with that Intent." Lynn and Gordon have apparently £5474: 4: 6½ of the garrison's money in their hands (since the establishment): "to ye great Prejudice of both Officer and Soldier here." Copy of Clark's letter enclosed will show how low their credit is sunk. Has written the Board of Ordnance frequently in regard. to the "Condition of this place." The soldiers have had no bedding supplied since they came here, nearly five years ago. Clothing in store is so rotten and dear that the men refuse it, "soe that at this time there are but few Soldiers that Mount ye. Guard that have either Shoes, Stockings or Shirts." Transmits copy of C.'s letter to the Board of Trade" by which You will Determine the Value of this Neglected Colony."
Tho : Caulfield
May 16.

Caulfeild to Board of Trade. [69

Hopes his last of Dec. 14. with duplicates relating to Indian transactions have arrived: by this, the first opportunity, pursuant to their directions, he writes to inform them of the condition of Cape Breton. C.'s latest information is of the 10th inst: no vessel had arrived from France, though daily expected: great preparations for fishing; C "Creditably Informed" they take most of their fish at Canso and along the eastern N. S. coast: this cannot be prevented except by a

1. Direction reads: "To ye Right honble James Stanhope one of his Majties Principal Secretary of State."


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