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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 37

Caulfeild to Mulcaster.1 [65

Acknowledges receipt of M.'s of Feb. 14 with acct. of payment of bills; two drawn on M, for provisions and the other payable to Capon, late Commissary for part of the charges he had been at "in Relation to ye said Provisions. "Memo. of all bills drawn on M. for supply of garrison from Aug. 18 to present time.

May 15.

1715 Augt ye 18 to Mr Clark £99: 3:
8 ber: ye 6th to Mr Blynn 185: 9: 8
26th to Mr Clark .143: 13: 4
1716 April 27th to Do. .228: 16: 9
to Mr Capon... ..131: 1: 6.. 788: 4: 3"

Memo. two bills drawn for fire and candlelight according to the establishment: C. and garrison extremely obliged to the Sec. of War for writing to Lynn and Gordon. Garrison deserves better treatment than it has received. "I am very Uneasy to find that no bedding nor cloathing is forwarded for ye Troops whose Miserable Condition are Objects of Pity Notwithstanding my frequent Repetitions of their Necessity's." M. will find that C. has drawn no bills since provisions came from G. B. "(save Melasses to make Beer wch was wanting)" In regard to the Muster-rolls, Nicholson left no directions, but took lists which he said would be sufficient until a commisary came. When Wright came, he would not meddle in the matter, as it was before his time. Refers M. to the muster-rolls for the strength of the garrison. Asks for the garrison accts. "which will be A great Satisfaction to our Troops, whose patiance with Promises are quite Wore out."

NOTE. Below the direction "to Mr: Mulcaster &c" are two P. S.'s "Ensn Button whose accts I formerly Sent you being Ensn. To Cptt Aldridges Company is To be applyed To ye Creditt of Sd Company"

I here Inclose you a Coppy of Mr Claks Letters To me by which you will determine How Low ye Creditt of this Garrison is at Boston, and the Considerable Loss Wee Suffer in our [word illegible] by ye Nonpayment of our bills

1. Handwriting No. 2


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