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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 31

are neither shoes, stockings nor watch coats in store to keep our men from perishing this winter: "and to excuse his Neglect of ye Garrison represents us as useless."

On Oct. 26 ordered Ens. Eskin, senior ensign "to take Post accordingly": other ensigns objected, wished a court-martial, which was held, and decided in their favor. Erskin's memorial enclosed to be laid before the Board of Gen. Officers.

Encloses Lieut. Jeffreyson's "Memorial of his Sufferings since ye: Establishmt: of this Garrison wch: must be Confessed extreamly Severe:" C. recommends him to the Secty.'s most favorable consideration.

Caulfeild to Walpole. [54

Refers to last of June 9, forwarding Capoon's account and "Rect; of Stores for £43 :7 : New England Money." Encloses general acct. continued from C.'s last of May 3. Sends by this conveyance a specimen of each article of clothing with price affixed: W. will perceive the excessive rates charged. Mr. Moore one of the Lord Commissioners of Trade having paid but 6 or 7 shillings per coat, "and soe in proportion for ye: other Species."

Nov. 1.

When C. first received the clothing from Nicholson, N, told him that it was crown property and that, "if any Officer should presume to make use of any other than ye: said Clothing he would have that Officer or Officers soe Offending Broke." Soon after, N. was selling the same clothing in Boston at half prices. Besides N. stopt their pay at home, ruined their credit at Boston, and, to cover his neglect, represents this place as not worth maintaining.

Caulfeild to Mulcaster. [55

Acknowledges receipt of M.'s letter of June 15: has also M.'s of Feb. 10. with directions how to draw their bills. Would be glad to learn what is allowed for each officer's subsistence, which M. has omitted to mention.

1 Direction below letter reads. "To Walpool, &c."
2 Direction reads “To Mr. John Mulcaster."


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