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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 27

as much as C. B. can injure us. Encloses maps of the "Islands of Cape Breton and bay of ffundy." Nicholson's visit: N. sent C. several letters from Boston, asking C.'s opinion of the garrison, which C. answered punctually. N. and Birchfeild, surveyor-general, appointed Hibbert Newton collector of this port. Newton showed C. a letter from Nicholson (dated Boston, Ap. 6; 1714) ordering that no vessel was to go to any port without a customs officer, whereby "the whole Trade of the Colony was Stopp'd near four Months," though Nicholson knew that no customs officer but Newton had been appointed. C. wrote to N. several times, "On that head," pointing out the hardships the people of Annapolis suffered, who had corn at Minas and other ports, but were not allowed to go and fetch it for the use of their families. N. answered that if C. had sufficient provisions for the garrison (though N. told C. what quantity he proposed) the inhabitants and others might dispose of the remainder as they thought fit. The reason publicly given for this conduct was that Alden and other traders would not conform to N.'s opinion regarding Vetch. On N.'s arrival at Annapolis the following Aug., he assured the garrison of his favor and interest, though at the same time, he stopt our pay at home, injured our credit at Boston, drove some of the French out of the country, shut the gates of the garrison against those that remained and declared them traitors, though he knew the garrison must depend upon their help during the coming winter or perish: when he returned to Boston, he left us unprovided for in every respect. It would be "too troublesome" to recount all N.'s "Means and Methods"; nothing done for the service of the country or the garrison, but simply a series of schemes to ruin Vetch and his friends.
Obliged to acquaint the Board with the frequent complaints of Capt. Armstrong's misbehavior "towards several Inhabitants here," Complaints will be transmitted in next.


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