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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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and impeded for want of a bridge "Over the Sawmill Crick."1 Deputies are ordered, pursuant to several minutes of Council in regard to highways, to summon the habitans south the river, who will be most benefited by such a bridge "to be Helping and Assisting to those of the Districts Adjacent in Getting the Requisite Materialls and Laying this Bridge Over the said Crick that the Passage may be free and Easy." Fail not to perform this public duty under penalty of the fine provided in such cases.

Annapolis, Oct. 20, 1740.
P. Mascarene

Instructions to Alex. Bourg as Receiver of Rents at Minas [407

Preamble refers to the necessity of appointing rent-gatherers, "to prevent Such as may be Evilly Inclined Amongst them from Diminishing any Part Thereof by fraudulent Practices" : mentions B.'s good standing and long experience in these affairs "and the Other Customs practised formerly by The Seigneurs Amongst the said Inhabitants in Such cases." B. nominated and appointed "Collector & Receiver of all His Majesty's Quit Rents, Dues or Revenues that are or may be Annually or Casually Ariseing and Becoming Due of, from & Amongst the Inhabitants of Mines Pizaquet & Cobaquit to his Majesty as Seignior or Lord of the Manor & Rivers & Settlements Thereon Depending," B. is to perform the duties faithfully and diligently, receiving fifteen per cent. for his trouble, as has been the custom; and to keep a distinct and exact rent-roll "Which You are to form from The Respective Contracts Appertaining to Their Owners." He is to keep a just account of what he receives, to be rendered to the Gov. or Commander-in-chief, a particular account of the fines of alienation, taking care that no frauds are committed by means of clandestine agreements. "You are to observe That the Rents for Mills & all Hommages and Services formerly Due & paid by them" payable to the most Christian King or their former seigneurs, are now payable to the King of

1. This word is so spelled consistently three times in the document, indicating the pronunciation.


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