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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 247

knowledge and information of St. P.'s return from Louisbourg to Chignecto. Habitans of Chignecto and all others are "Strictly & Expressly orderd & Commanded" not to receive or harbour St. P.; nor permit him the use of "your Church." They are not to attend him in the exercise of his priestly office: but to cause him to quit the province, according to the enclosed order which they are to deliver to him, "& which you are expressly ordered to Comply with & to See duly Executed without any Evasion or Mental Reservation as you wìll answer at your Peril & Least the Consequence of your too often Repeated Disobedience a True Mark of Disrespect draw upon you & Such others who have or may act in the like Manner Signal Marks of his Majesty's high Displeasure." This to be puhlished in the most authentic manner so that none may pretend ignorance. After the election of Deputies on Oct. 11 next, two of them at least (one old and one new) are to come to Annapolis with the names of all the Deputies.

Annapolis, Sept. 22, 1740
P. Mascarene

"Thus far the Orders that Were judged Necess’ry are Sent home."

Mascarene to the Deputies of Minas.

Bergeau has reported that several of the habitans have been very backward in paying the seignorial rents of the King, and some have absolutely refused to do so. Deputies hereby ordered to give all necessary assistance to Bergeau in the execution of his office. Sends order of last Spring regarding the settlers on Crown lands.

Annapolis, Oct. 20, 1740.
P. Mascarene

Order for Building a Bridge. [406

Deputies "of This River" and others have represented the passage from the south side the river up is much obstructed


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