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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 239

Order to Give Possession.1 [302

Preamble rehearses case of Stephen Rivett and his children vsClaude Brossard, all of Piziquid. Brossard bought land from Cécile Rivett, sister of Stephen R., being her share of her father's estate. Case heard before Governor-in-Council, Aug. 7, 1736. Both sides agreed to submit to the judgment of arbitrators chosen by themselves; and entered into a bond to that effect "under the pain of one Thousand Livers Tournois” to be paid by the party not agreeing to the party observing, as appears by the act of arbitration, dated Oct. 9, 1736. Whereas Rivett has not complied with the judgment of the arbitrators, notwithstanding the sentence of the Gov.-in-Council, March 7, 1738/9, "But Obstinately and Very Unjustly Keeps the said Brossard out of possession of Said Lands By him Purchased as Aforesaid as Appears by the said Arbitrators Report bearing the Date the 31st of October, 1738." These authorize "you," the Deputies of Piziquid, to put Brossard in possession of said lands immediately or at most within ten days from the time they receive this order. They are also to use their utmost endeavors to make Rivett pay costs to Brossard; "the said Dispute Occasioned by The Contempt of The Said Rivett as it Appears by the Report of The Arbitrators and Their Act of Submission." In case Rivett submits to the orders of the Govt. and he has any cause to bring forward, other than what has been already considered and decided on, he may produce them according to the letter sent herewith, after submitting to the present orders.2

Annapolis, May 27,1740.

Order to Deputies to Inquire. [303

Dispute exists between Claude Thibadeau and the widow of Michael Thibadeau of Round Meadow, regarding a piece of fence (?) which has been used by the said C. T.

1. Note. After f. 209, the numbers run 300, 301, &c.
2. Lacks Mascarene's signature, but is countersigned by Shirreff. The four orders following are in French.


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