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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Scituated & By Whom they are Sold or Exchanged and of the Contents of all Other Writings or Contracts.

5. And to prevent all frauds By Clandestine Deeds of Conveyance you are to Observe and make Publickly Known that none are to be allowed Valid or Of any force But Such as are passed Before the Sec’y or Your Self as Notary or Some Other person or Persons that may be at any time Authorized and Appointed to Act and take Cognizance of These or Such as these Affairs.

6. You are also to transmitt Extracts or minutes of all Mortgages & the Last wills and testaments of Deceased Persons that The Same may be prov'd and Kept upon Record here that the Will of The Testator may be Comply'd With and Whereas many Differences and Great Disputes have Happened in Several familys In Regard to the Division of Their Estates. And whereas it is Customary amongst the Inhabitants to make Contracts of marriage and Other Settlements as also for the Parents to Divide and Distribute their Lands and Effects amongst their Children Or Otherways to Dispose thereof by Instruments in Writing In Order therefore [top of page, paper rotted, several words missing] Differences and Disputes or at Least That the Same may be with more Ease Regulated and Adjusted you are also Directed to Send Coppys or faithful Extracts of all Such acts to the Se’ys Office to be there Keept upon Record or upon file as the Case may Require.

7. You are to take a Particular Account of all Strangers that may Come into these Parts of the Province from Whence They Came the time They Intend to Stay and the Business Which Brought Them there and to Give Advice thereof as Soon as Opportunity may Permitt. You are to keep amongst your Registers all Orders that Shall be Addressed to you or Messieurs the Deputys et to transmitt Copys thereof as the Case Shall Require Attested under your hand to the Different Districts of Minas as far as Cobequid.

This to be B.'s warrant and to remain in force until further orders.

Annapolis, May 7, 1740.
P : Mascarene


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