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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 237

Pré and the places adjacent within the Gut of Mines and to Enjoin him as he is Willing to Accept of that Employ Strictly to Comply With the following Orders," and all others that may be sent to him. Bourg is therefore re-established, constituted and authorized to act as Notary according to his oath. He is to obey the following orders :

1. You are Therefore to Keep an Exact Register of all Deeds of Sale and Exchange of Lands made by you amongst the Inhabitants of your Above Mentioned District for Which you are to Receive the Accustom'd fees from the Said Inhabitants making Such Deeds With the Necessary Addition for your trouble [paper rotted: several words illegible] to the Secretary's Office in this place.

2. You are at the Passing of Every Deed of Sale and Exchange Immediate'y to Receive the fines of Alienation Thereby Due to His Majesty or If the Case Require Upon the Non payment thereof to take Sufficient Security That His Majesty's Interest may not Suffer as heretofore Out of which Sum by You Received and for Which you are to be Accountable you are to be Allowed three Shillings for every Pound.

3. You are to Keep an Exact and Regular Account of all Such fines of Alienation and Other Dues Thereby Accruing to his Majesty and by you Received (from which fines none are to be Exempted for any cause of Kindred or any Other) and to give Information thereof to me or to the Commander in Cheif of This province for the time being and to the Sec’y’s Office that the same may be as the Case may Require at any time Laid Before the Council as also to the Person or Persons that is or may Be Appointed Receiver of His Majestys Rents that he may Incert it in his Generall Accounts and to pay the same as you may be Hereafter Directed for which a Receipt from the Person or Persons to Whom paid shall be your Discharge.

4. You are to transmit Extracts or Minutes of all Contracts Passed by you to the Sec’rys office & to make Particular mention in the Deeds of Sale, &c., of the Place Where said Lands which may be Sold or Exchanged are


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