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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  232  Nova Scotia Archives.

John Adams, Esq., M. is ordered to render his accounts before H. M. Council, as soon as possible.

Annapolis, Jan., 1739/40       Wm. Shirreff Sec.y

"N : B That One of the same tenor and date was Sent to Mr Bergeau and Another to Mr Oneil At Chiconectou as also to the Rent Gatherers of the River of Annapolis Roy."1

Order for Attachment. [202

To John Hanfield and Edward Amhurst, Esquires, executors of the late Gov. Armstrong's will. "Whereas the said Lawrence Armstrong, Deceased, did in his life time for several years past Demand & Receive of and from his Majesty's Subjects Resideing in this Province the Seignoriall Rents & Other Dues belonging and Appartaining to his Majesty George the Second of Great Brittain, ffrance and Ireland, King, &c, And as he has never Rendered any Account nor made any Remittances thereof to the Right Hon’ble Horatio Walpole Esqr the person Appointed by his Majesty to Receive his Rents in America, nor never Communicated the Statement & Amount of Said Rents to his Majesty's Council nor to the Secretary of the Province; it has therefore been Judged proper by his Majesty's Council to Attach the said Deceased's Estate and Effects in this Province, to Answer for the Amount and Value of the Rents he has Received as aforesaid.

"I do therefore (Conformable to the Minute of Council of the 14th Instant of which the Annexed is a true Copy) hereby for and on Account of his Majesty and in his name ATTACH the same in your hands & Possession for the Space of Eighteen months for the answering and paying to his Majesty the said Rents &c. Or till his Royall pleasure is thereon known.

"WHEREFORE you are hereby Required to Keep & Secure in your hands and possession (for the use & purpose afores’d, that part of said Estate and Effects or the Value thereof that shall or may Remain after the funeral Charges and Quarters are

1. "avec Ie Compte des Rentes, Lots at Ventes que Vous Auriez recu"


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