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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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is to proceed with a sergeant, corporal and eight private men to Minas; "And there with Secretary of the Province to Inspect into the Behaviour and Conduct of these People of which you are to Inform yourselves as exactly as possible and to make Report thereof to me if Occasion requires, that I may in Case of necessity send you further Directions."

Annapolis, May 21, 1739.
L. Armstrong.

Instructions to Shirreff. [196

Whereas Mangeant has sent word that several of the habitans of Minas have refused to pay their quit-rents, and Ensign Slater has been ordered to make inquiry into the cause why these people "do thus Disrepectfully behave themselves," S. is likewise ordered and directed "from the knowledge you must have of their Affairs as Secretary and as One of the Council" to repair with him to M., that they may "Jointly Enquire into the truth and Cause of the Said Complaint and Information sent me, as Strictly as possible and Diligently by your good Advice to persuade those people to a more Becoming and Respectfull behaviour." For so doing this shall be your warrant.

Annapolis, May 5, 1738.
L. Armstrong.

Warrant to lnquire into the Debts &c. of Timothy Macqueen, Deceased.

Directed to W. Skene, W. Shirreff and J. Slater, members of H.M. Council. "Whereas Timothy Macqueen, late Partner and in Company with John Southack hath Died Intestate & reputed Insolvent and whereas several of the said Deceased's and his paì tner Creditors have petitioned me and his Majesty's Council for said Province [197] to Issue out Warrants for" [attaching, probably the word: paper gone] "Effects, Debts and other Dues to the said Macqueen and


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