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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Order to Deputies of Piziquid. [159

In French. "Charles Dueron & René Guilliot" or their attorneys are ordered to appear before the Governor-in-council that an end may be put to their differences, on Nov. 1st, or on a date set by their attorneys. Deputies to summon them. The party which does not appear will lose the case, which will never be re-opened.

Annapolis, July 4, 1737.
Otho Hamilton Secr.y

P. S. "Faites que Rene Guilliot Rembourse Charles Dueron on ses Proceureurs un Moitié de fraiz de Proces."

Order to Francis Tillard.

Governor informed that "you ffrancis Tillar" have lately sold a tract of land lying in the "River Chicobenakedy" to Joseph Mors, Mariner, which land belongs to the King. Tillard ordered to appear in person at Annapolis before the Governor-in-council on the return of Mors, and explain why he presumed to sell any crown land. Refusal to comply will incur prosecution.

Annapolis, Sept. 26, 1737.
L : Armstrong.

Order Deposing a Rent-Gatherer. [160

Alex. Bourg has been very neglectful and careless in the discharge of his duty as rent-gatherer at Minas, particularly in rendering his accounts. Governor-in-council have therefore thought proper to remove him and appoint Mr. Francis Mangeant in his place. Bourg ordered to hand over to Mangeant "all such deeds, Sales, Contracts, Bargains, Articles of Agreement, Registers, Books of Records, Grants, Donations & Books of Accounts & all such other Instrum’ts & papers that anyways relate to the former Seigniors, the Inhabitants or to this his Majesty's said Province which you have in your


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