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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Order to the Chignecto Deputies Regarding O'Neal. [153

They are to summon the persons named to appear before the Governor. In case of refusal to obey, the Deputies are to state plainly the excuses offered. They are to give all aid to O'Neal in the execution of his office. He has been chosen as a fit and proper person for the post. The only reason the Governor could bave for removing him from his office would be malversation, in which case justice will be done.

April, 17371

Grant of Land to O'Neal.

James O'Neal notary public of Chignecto has several times made application "for a piece of land lying up the Bay, called La Vallier's Island," and laid petition (dated Dec. 15th) before the Council, praying for a patent. Agreed that patent cannot be made out until the claims of several people who have made improvements on the land have been settled; but in the meantime O'Neal has leave to cut hay upon it. As "the Said Indulgence has not had the desired Effect," and as O'N. has again applied for a grant of it, the Governor-in-council empower him to take possession of l00 acres of land in any part of the island "(Except those lands Where Peter Richard & his Associates have made Improvements)," until a survey can be made, and a regular patent drawn up. Deputies ordered to assist him in taking possession and settling and to prevent anyone molesting him.

Annapolis, May 4, 1737.
L : Armstrong.

Order Regarding a Marsh at Chippody. [155

In French. "Ambroise Breux" and his partners have complained to the Governor regarding the conduct of "Joseph

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